Yahoo Multi Keyword Rank Checker Now Live

My latest gizmo, Yahoo! Multiple Keyword Position/Rank Checker, is now live on Bad Neighborhood. Enter up to 5 different keywords in the textarea (1 keyword/keyphrase per line), and the domain you want to check for in the text box underneath that. It will scan Yahoo! until it finds your domain, or the end of the results, for each keyword.

Each page that is scanned is stored in the database. If someone searches for a keyword, and then someone else searches for that same keyword in less than 24 hours, then whatever results are stored are searched first. Therefore checking a domain for the same keywords more than once a day will not yield different results.

Note that Yahoo! does seem to be pulling their results from a variety of different datacenters. Therefore the search results you get when you search on your machine might not be from the same datacenter that is checked via this tool, and might not exactly match from one search to the next. Also, this tool scans the results at a rate of 100 per page. Sometimes setting the results per page to a different number can cause a shift in what shows where.

As with all of the tools, any feedback is always welcome.

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