Quick Note On Project Honeypot, and Database Restructuring

Just to let you guys know, it looks like the IP address that Bad Neighborhood runs on has been added to Project Honeypot (IP data can be viewed here). I had thought that you actually had to spam someone after hitting a honeypot in order to get added to the blacklist, but a friend of mine is running http:BL on her site, and the crawler is blocked from seeing her content.

I am looking into getting off the blacklist, but until I do Continue reading

Google Multi-DC Rank Check Back Online

The Google Multi-Datacenter rank checker was offline for about the past 10 days due to a couple of issues, one of which was the structure of the table I am using to store the search history. As a workaround I made a blank copy of the table and archived all of the old data. Within the next week I hope to restructure how I am storing things and port the old data over to the new tables. The tool should work fine in the interim, please let me know if anyone notices any new issues.

Thank you Donna for prompting me to fix it. 😀

Yahoo Multi Keyword Rank Checker Now Live

My latest gizmo, Yahoo! Multiple Keyword Position/Rank Checker, is now live on Bad Neighborhood. Enter up to 5 different keywords in the textarea (1 keyword/keyphrase per line), and the domain you want to check for in the text box underneath that. It will scan Yahoo! until it finds your domain, or the end of the results, for each keyword.

Each page that is scanned is stored Continue reading