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I tracked down and fixed a logic error that was in the prior version. The plugin now works as intended and is tested up to WordPress 2.5.1. I hope to be looking into testing and making any necessary adjustments for 2.6 shortly.

Please download the latest version here:


Sorry for the delay on updating, but Login LockDown 1.2 has now been released. I fixed the issue that Continue Reading »

Just to let you guys know, it looks like the IP address that Bad Neighborhood runs on has been added to Project Honeypot (IP data can be viewed here). I had thought that you actually had to spam someone after hitting a honeypot in order to get added to the blacklist, but a friend of mine is running http:BL on her site, and the crawler is blocked from seeing her content.

I am looking into getting off the blacklist, but until I do Continue Reading »

I just added new advertising opportunities on the Bad Neighborhood website. Click here for more information: http://www.bad-neighborhood.com/sponsor-us.htm

The Keyword Suggestion Tool based on AOL Leaked Data is back online. :D

Despite the loss of all historical data, the site is back and fully functional, aside from one tool. The Keyword Suggestion Tool based on AOL Leaked Data is currently offline. I will have to re-crunch the data from the original files, and am not sure yet how long that will take. I apologize for the downtime.

Thanks. :D

Current Outage

The server where I have Bad Neighborhood has been down now for 24 hours. I have the site mostly moved over to the new server now, but am missing certain databases. I am trying to get the backups now. I will post as soon as I am up and running again.

A minor compatibility issue with a MySQL statement in the Login LockDown Security Plugin has been fixed. The old version, 1.0, was using a MySQL function that did not become available until MySQL 4.1.1, whereas WordPress only requires MySQL 4.0. Only those who were getting a MySQL error after activating the plugin would need to upgrade to Login LockDown 1.1.

I am happy to announce the release of Login LockDown, a new plugin for WordPress, designed to help increase security and reduce the chance of someone hacking into your WordPress installation.

Continue Reading »

There was an issue with attempting to scan certain urls causing the scanner to fail. I thought I had fixed it, but found out it was still happening with requests to scan SSL (HTTPS) sites. I modified the way the urls are passed through the AJAX calls and everything appears to be working again. Please let me know if anyone encounters any more issues. :)

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