A Quick Clarification on the Bad Neighborhood Detector

Due to some misconceptions that I have come across having to do with the Bad Neighborhood Detector tool, I need to clear up a couple of things. Let me say first and foremost that the tool is designed to help webmasters in determining whether or not they might want to link out to a particular website. It was designed to help reduce some of the effort involved with the manual checking process… the tool was not designed to replace the human decision making process in any way, shape, or form.

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Yahoo Multi Keyword Rank Checker Now Live

My latest gizmo, Yahoo! Multiple Keyword Position/Rank Checker, is now live on Bad Neighborhood. Enter up to 5 different keywords in the textarea (1 keyword/keyphrase per line), and the domain you want to check for in the text box underneath that. It will scan Yahoo! until it finds your domain, or the end of the results, for each keyword.

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