Quick Note On Project Honeypot, and Database Restructuring

Just to let you guys know, it looks like the IP address that Bad Neighborhood runs on has been added to Project Honeypot (IP data can be viewed here). I had thought that you actually had to spam someone after hitting a honeypot in order to get added to the blacklist, but a friend of mine is running http:BL on her site, and the crawler is blocked from seeing her content.

I am looking into getting off the blacklist, but until I do some of you may notice certain website returning erroneous 404’s, just so you know.

Also, today I spent a good part of the day modifying the structure of the tables that hold the data for the Google Multi-DC Rank Checker and Yahoo Multi-Keyword Rank Checker.

Hopefully those of you who enjoy the use of those tools will notice better performance on them now. Also, I apologize for any slowdowns the data migration may have caused today.


One thought on “Quick Note On Project Honeypot, and Database Restructuring

  1. Thanks for the post. Is it only the IP address of the site which goes in such blacklists? I was surprised to find one of my sites in the blacklists at jedi.org/blacklist.txt which list the domain names. How can one control if some of your competitors do spamming using your website domain name?

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